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Analyze & Shape Contract Review

If your job search is nearing completion and you have already received employment offers, we are also happy to provide our Analyze & Shape™ service for a flat-rate fee.  With this service, we perform the same detailed legal analysis provided with our Premier Opportunity™ service, raising any crucial contract points that need to be addressed to make the offer most favorable to you. As part of our flat-rate Analyze & Shape™ service, we will also provide you with suggestions of changes we recommend be made to your job offer to ensure that all aspects meet your expectations.

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After we’ve reviewed your physician employment agreement, we will negotiate these points with your potential employer on your behalf for an added fee.  For those clients who would rather stay out of the negotiation process, we are happy to ask the difficult and perhaps uncomfortable questions - making sure you receive the best possible compensation and protection.

We also offer state Licensing and
Compensation Data Services