Premier Opportunity™


Premier Opportunity means we handle all aspects of your job search, from start to finish, covering all critical components so that your job search is enjoyable and efficient.



In the first step of Premier Opportunity™, we find out what you are looking for in your next career position, and in what region of the country you would like to practice.


We then seek out and identify potential employers that fit your ideal job criteria, and we assist you in making contact with them to show your interest and to market your credentials. We also assist you in scheduling interviews and coordinating all related communications..


Next, we perform a detailed legal analysis of all job offers you receive. Based on your input, we negotiate with the potential employers to ensure that your final offers meet your expectations and provide you maximum protection under the law. As part of this step of Premier Opportunity™ we work to ensure that you are offered the compensation and benefits you deserve.


Finally, we assist you in vetting the potential employers by performing a thorough practice evaluation and asking the employers any important questions that may impact your decision. It is our goal to provide you with all resources and assistance necessary to ensure that you are offered and select the employment opportunity that is right for you.