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“I hired Lauth O’Neill to assist me in reviewing my employment contract because we met briefly at the Miller Board Review course 8 months before I called back. My residency was in Pennsylvania and the course was in Colorado. I didn’t realize that doing fellowship far from my new hiring position would geographically isolate me from a local lawyer anyway – at least I’d met Lauth O’Neill. They stuck around after the session to answer our questions without obvious immediate reward. I decided at that time they took this job personally. My sister is a lawyer and when I described their background and interactions she strongly advised them too. Mismatched geography was not a limiting factor. Any out-of-state queries were handled quickly and painlessly by Lauth O’Neill.  I was most impressed by the fact that I never had to wait for a reply or action item from Lauth O’Neill.”

Dustin Greenhill
Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon

“I was most impressed by the fact that Lauth O’Neill was a one-on-one interaction between myself and [my lawyer], so I felt assured that my contract review was not being done by some mid-level staff member as part of a larger organization. My employer accepted nearly all of our suggested changes in the contract, and commented that they were overall very reasonable requests….I certainly wanted a physician contract lawyer who was experienced in my speciality to review my first contract, and now I have a better sense of what things I want to see in a contract, what changes I might request, and have a better understanding some of the legal phrases that were less familiar to me.”

Joel Huelatt
MD; Orthopedic Sports Surgeon

“I hired Lauth O’Neill to assist me in reviewing my employment contract because I wanted someone with experience in negotiating physician contracts to scrutinize my offer to make sure I was entering into a reasonable agreement.  I valued the fact that they have reviewed many other contracts and thus can draw from their knowledge of the industry to offer me an un-biased opinion of the offer I received.”

Alex Sielatycki
MD; Orthopedic Spine Surgeon

“Lauth O’Neill provided invaluable expertise in a process that, to me, was completely foreign.  Her team completed background research and provided guidance that would have otherwise consumed inordinate amounts of inavailable time and resources. The experience was exciting and enjoyable instead of an added stressor during a very busy point in life. In particular, their assistance in contract negotiation was timely, seamless, and professional.  They provided a much-needed sounding board for questions, solutions, and unknown specialty-specific norms.”

Christopher Diefenbach
MD; Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Surgeon

“I am so grateful to have had Leigh Ann’s help in the contract process.  I had one of those nightmare situations where the company I had signed on to work for tried to renege after Leigh Ann had worked out a very favorable contract.  I was entirely unprepared for the situation, but with Leigh Ann’s essentially daily communication, I felt reassured at a time where peace of mind was hard to find.  Throughout the original contract process and the events that followed, she maintained great communication with all parties when the situation could have grown hostile very easily.  I can’t recommend her enough!  Thanks Leigh Ann!”

Joseph Blazuk
MD; Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Physician

“Leigh Ann was very instrumental in leading me through the job hunting process. She is very comprehensive and helped me with everything from salary negotiations to the fine details of my contract. Couldn’t have done it without her and I was able to sign my contract knowing no stone had gone unturned. Thanks again”

David Todd
MD; Anesthesiology & Pain Management

“Leigh Ann was very helpful and did a thorough review of my contract and I was able to negotiate for better terms with my employer. She also provides regional salary data so you can compare. I also appreciated that she returned my documents in very timely fashion and responded promptly to e-mails and calls. I was very pleased with my work with her, and I highly recommend her.”

Armel D.

“Ms. O’Neill recently assisted me in review and negotiation of my hospital contract.  I am writing to give her my highest recommendation without reservation.  I was very impressed with her professionalism, efficiency, and thoroughness.  Overall she made the entire process smooth and easy, and I learned quite a bit from her as well.”

Chris Anderson
MD; Orthopaedic Sports Surgery

“I was well-prepared to handle the challenges of patient care coming out of residency. Unfortunately, I was not at all ready to negotiate a contract. As I know now, the details of a contract can significantly affect job satisfaction, and I’m thankful to have had Leigh Ann’s guidance throughout the process.”

Lee Kneer
MD; Physiatry

“As a new physician attempting to navigate the workings of my first contract following many years of training, Leigh Ann and her expertise were vital in securing my current academic surgeon contract.  She was honest, realistic, and very knowledgeable with the proceedings.  Her advice was both timely and well-directed.  Leigh Ann made the process easy and straight-forward.”

Christopher Stutz
MD; Orthopaedic Hand Surgery

“Lauth O’Neill was incredible to work with while helping me to land the job that I had hoped for.  Working on the first job contract as a new physician can be quite challenging, but Leigh Ann seamlessly guided me through the process and helped me secure a great contract.   She was thorough and available to answer my many questions throughout the process.  I felt so much more confident going through the process with Leigh Ann as my advocate.”

Brent Morris
MD; Orthopaedic Shoulder Surgery

“Working with Leigh Ann took a lot of the stress out of finding a job.  She saved me a great deal of time which I did not have to spare.  She helped me prepare for interviews by helping me identify specific things I needed to learn about each opportunity.  Her expertise was invaluable when it came time to negotiate the contract, and she even helped me land a very nice signing bonus!”

Carolee Cutler Peck
MD, MPH; Oculoplastic Surgeon

“I hired Lauth O’Neill to assist me in reviewing my first and second employment contracts because they are thorough and timely. They seem to leave no detail overlooked. I was most impressed by the fact that Lauth O’Neill can handle the full contract process from review to negotiating any changes that need to be made. I would absolutely hire them again.”

Miles Hartsfield
MD; Emergency Room Physician

“Working with Laura and Leigh Ann actually made us feel like we had control and power in the negotiation process. We would have been lost without them. They were quick to return emails and phone calls, impressively thorough in their notes and suggestions, and even spoke with the prospective employer to clarify and negotiate. We’ve already recommended them to several friends!”

Mark Stanley
MD; Family Medicine